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        • Proofzilla V.0.19 (manual): a LateX package for graphs and proof nets representation.
          The package is under development, any feedback or suggestion is welcome. If you have any request or proposal for new features write me.

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        ( • = presentation of accepted work, ■ = invited speaker )


        • Ph.D Thesis (Advisor: Yves Lafont, 2016): "String diagram rewriting: applications in category and proof theory" (pdf)
          Jury members: Willem Heijltjes (referee), Samuel Mimram (referee), Vito Michele Abrusci, Pierre-Louis Curien, Miriam Quatrini, Luigi Santocanale, Lorenzo Tortora De Falco.
        • Tesi di Laurea Magistrale (Advisors: Yves Lafont, Lorenzo Tortora De Falco, 2013): "Undecidability of the word problem for groups: the point of view of rewriting theory" (pdf).
        • Raport de Master (Advisors: Yves Lafont, Lorenzo Tortora De Falco, 2012): "Comparing various proofs of the Novikov-Boone theorem based on rewriting" (pdf).
        • Tesi di Laurea Triennale (Advisor: Marco Liverani, 2011): "Algoritmi efficienti per la soluzione del problema Clique" (pdf).
        Me and Yves at Fundació Joan Miró