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When I was child I wanted to be a cook. I like to put stuffs together and see what you get. By logical consequence I study proof theory.
I'm also interested in new approaches to mathematical teaching and I actively try to make people see the marvel of math.

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HD "Math is Universal" poster

I'm in charge of Hippocampe project at Università Roma Tre in collaboration with the IREM of Marseille.
(Del materiale relativo alla descrizione del progetto e all'attività svolta è disponibile qui)




  • Ph.D Thesis (Advisor: Yves Lafont, 2016): "String diagram rewriting: applications in category and proof theory" (pdf)
    Jury members: Willem Heijltjes (referee), Samuel Mimram (referee), Vito Michele Abrusci, Pierre-Louis Curien, Miriam Quatrini, Luigi Santocanale, Lorenzo Tortora De Falco.
  • Tesi di Laurea Magistrale (Advisors: Yves Lafont, Lorenzo Tortora De Falco, 2013): "Undecidability of the word problem for groups: the point of view of rewriting theory" (pdf).
  • Raport de Master (Advisors: Yves Lafont, Lorenzo Tortora De Falco, 2012): "Comparing various proofs of the Novikov-Boone theorem based on rewriting" (pdf).
  • Tesi di Laurea Triennale (Advisor: Marco Liverani, 2011): "Algoritmi efficienti per la soluzione del problema Clique" (pdf).
Me and Yves at Fundació Joan Miró


Usefull Tools:

  • Catex: Y. Guiraud's latex package for string diagrams;
  • Catix Plugin M. Pascucci's Python executable to subsitute Catex macros with tizk code in .tex files;
A proof of Pitagora's theorem from
Oliver Byrne book

2020: Tenue at American University of Paris (52h)

2019: Assegno di ricerca at Università Roma Tre (45h):

2018 Stages Hippocampe at Università Roma Tre (30h):

2017: 6 months ATER at LMNO, Université de Caen Normandie (96h):

2016 Stages Hippocampe at Università Roma Tre (30h):

2015-2016: ATER at I2M, Aix-Marseille Université (192h):

2012-2015: Teaching duties during Ph.D. (Doctorant chargé d'enseignement) at I2M, Aix-Marseille Université (192h in the course of 3 years):

2008-2010: Teaching support (tutorial) at Università Roma Tre: