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I'm Matteo, a logician working in proof theory and its applications.
I am a Lecturer in Computer Science at the FoSS group of the University of Sussex
(here a list of my past positions).

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I am generally happy to act as an external reviewer for papers which match my research interests, provided I can see other reviews and participate in the discussion after submitting my review.

Teaching this way

Mathematics and Computer Science didactic and popularization:

I believe that the mathematics taught at school is outdated: we mostly teach analysis from the 18th century pushing on the computational aspect instead of teaching mathematical reasoning. At the same time computer science is often confused with learning how to code in a programming language (or how to use the Office package).

I like to scout for new topics which can be adapted for a problem-based learning in mathematics and computer science to promote the teaching of logical reasoning.

My experiences with the stages Hippocampes and Liceo Matematico confirm that another way to teach mathematics is possible: you can teach goniometry using billiards, automata theory while designing coffee machines, group theory via tiling and a lot of other funny stuff!

The (unpublished) material I was able to produce in the past years can be found here including the poster produced by high-school students during the following Hippocampe stages I directed at Università Roma Tre form 2016 to 2019.

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more!