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I'm Matteo, a logician working in proof theory and its applications.
I am a Lecturer in Computer Science at the FoSS group of the University of Sussex
(here a list of my past positions).

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I am generally happy to act as an external reviewer for papers which match my research interests, provided I can see other reviews and participate in the discussion after submitting my review.

Teaching this way

Mathematics and Computer Science didactic and popularization:

I believe that the mathematics taught at school is outdated: we mostly teach analysis from the 18th century pushing on the computational aspect instead of teaching mathematical reasoning. At the same time computer science is often confused with learning how to code in a programming language (or how to use the Office package).

I like to scout for new topics which can be adapted for a problem-based learning in mathematics and computer science to promote the teaching of logical reasoning.

My experiences with the stages Hippocampes and Liceo Matematico confirm that another way to teach mathematics is possible: you can teach goniometry using billiards, automata theory while designing coffee machines, group theory via tiling and a lot of other funny stuff!

The (unpublished) material I was able to produce in the past years can be found here including the poster produced by high-school students during the following Hippocampe stages I directed at Università Roma Tre form 2016 to 2019.

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          ORCID iD iconorcid.org/0000-0002-0425-2825

          Tools and Software:

          • Proofzilla V.0.1 (manual): a LateX package for graphs and proof nets representation.
            The package is under development, any feedback or suggestion is welcome. If you have any request or proposal for new features write me.

          Previous positions:


          • Ph.D Thesis (Advisor: Yves Lafont, 2016): "String diagram rewriting: applications in category and proof theory" (pdf)
            Jury members: Willem Heijltjes (referee), Samuel Mimram (referee), Vito Michele Abrusci, Pierre-Louis Curien, Miriam Quatrini, Luigi Santocanale, Lorenzo Tortora De Falco.
          • Tesi di Laurea Magistrale (Advisors: Yves Lafont, Lorenzo Tortora De Falco, 2013): "Undecidability of the word problem for groups: the point of view of rewriting theory" (pdf).
          • Raport de Master (Advisors: Yves Lafont, Lorenzo Tortora De Falco, 2012): "Comparing various proofs of the Novikov-Boone theorem based on rewriting" (pdf).
          • Tesi di Laurea Triennale (Advisor: Marco Liverani, 2011): "Algoritmi efficienti per la soluzione del problema Clique" (pdf).
          Me and Yves at Fundació Joan Miró


          ( • = presentation of accepted work, ■ = invited speaker )
          A proof of Pitagora's theorem from
          Oliver Byrne book

          2023: ESSLLI2023:

          2020/22: Postdoc at the Université du Luxembourg:

          2020/2021: Postdoc at the Université du Luxembourg:

          Spring 2020: Contract Lecturer at the American University of Paris (54h):

          2019: Assegno di ricerca at Università Roma Tre:

          2018 Stages Hippocampe at Università Roma Tre (30h):

          2017: 6 months ATER at LMNO, Université de Caen Normandie (96h):

          2016 Stages Hippocampe at Università Roma Tre (30h):

          2015-2016: ATER at I2M, Aix-Marseille Université (192h):

          2012-2015: Teaching duties during Ph.D. (Doctorant chargé d'enseignement) at I2M, Aix-Marseille Université (192h in the course of 3 years):

          2008-2010: Teaching support (tutorial) at Università Roma Tre:

          Hippocampe workshops are three-days educational workshops for high school students. Hosted by a university, the student are guided to conduct some research activities on mathematics.
          I was in charge of Hippocampe workshops at the University Roma Tre (Rome, Italy) from 2016 to 2019.
          More information about the workshops:

          Les stages Hippocampe sont des ateliers pédagogiques de trois jours destinés aux élèves des écoles secondaires. Hébergé par une université, les étudiants sont guidé pour mener des activités de recherche en mathématiques.
          J'étais en charge de la mise en oeuvre des stages à l'Université Roma Tre (Rome, Italie) du 2016 au 2019.
          Plus d'information sur les stages:

          Gli stage Hippocampe sono dei laboratori didattici di tre giorni destinati agli studenti delle scuole superiori. Ospitati da un'università, gli studenti sono guidati nel condurre delle ricerche su degli argomenti di matematica.
          Sono stato responsabile degli stage che si svolgono presso l'Università Roma Tre dal 2016 al 2019.
          Per maggiori informazioni:

          The hippocampus plays important roles in the consolidation of information from short-term memory to long-term memory, and in spatial memory that enables navigation.

          L'hippocampe est une structure du cerveau qui joue un rôle central dans la mémoire et la navigation spatiale.

          L'ippocampo svolge un ruolo importante nella formazione delle memorie esplicite (dichiarativa e semantica), nella trasformazione della memoria a breve termine in memoria a lungo termine e nella navigazione spaziale

          • En français: ici
          • In italiano: qui

          2019 Hippocampe workshops at Università Roma Tre (Workshop supervisor):

          2019 Stages Hippocampe à l'Università Roma Tre (en tant que encadrant et organisateur):

          2019 Stages Hippocampe presso l'Università Roma Tre (Responsabile del laboratorio):

          2018 Hippocampe workshops at Università Roma Tre (Workshop supervisor):

          2018 Stages Hippocampe à l'Università Roma Tre (en tant que encadrant et organisateur):

          2018 Stages Hippocampe presso l'Università Roma Tre (Responsabile del laboratorio):

          2016 Hippocampe workshops at Università Roma Tre (Workshop supervisor):

          2016 Stages Hippocampe à l'Università Roma Tre (en tant que encadrant et organisateur):

          2016 Stages Hippocampe presso l'Università Roma Tre (Responsabile del laboratorio):

          2012-2016 Hippocampe workshops at IREM in Marseille (tutor during the workshops):

          2012-2016 Stages Hippocampe à l'IREM in Marseille (en tant que tuteur):

          2012-2016 Stage Hippocampe presso l'IREM di Marsiglia (tutor durante il laboratorio)

          • "Les polyédres"
          • "Maths á la carte"
          • "L’infini"
          • "Maths en embuscades"
          • "Nœuds"
          • "Matématiques et arts"
          • "Matrices"

          • I'm a founding member of the assciation OILER with the aim of promoting and disseminating mathematical and scientific culture

            Je suis membre fondateur de l'association OILER dans le but de promouvoir et diffuser la culture mathématique et scientifique

            Sono socio fondatore dell'associazione OILER con scopo di promuovere e divulgare la cultura matematica e scientifica

          • 2019/2020 Pensare per Paradossi:

            Competition of scientific and philosophical writing (Member of the organizing committee)

            Concours d'écriture scientifique et philosophique (Membre du comité d'organisation)

            Concorso di scrittura scientifica e filosofica (Membro del comitato organizzativo)

          • 2019/2020 Liceo Cannizzaro-Università Roma Tre:

            Computing... with water

            Calculer... avec de l'eau

            Calcolare... con l'acqua

          • 2018/2019 Liceo Cannizzaro-Università Roma Tre:

            Plane tassellation and wallpaper groups. Platonic solids, football balls and Euler characteristic

            Pavages et groupes de symétrie du plan. Solides platoniques, ballons de football et caractéristique d'Euler

            Tassellazioni e gruppi di simmetria del piano. Solidi platonici, palloni da calcio e caratteristica di Eulero

          • 2019 Masterclass in Matematica-Università Roma Tre:

            High-school student one-day university courses in mathematics

            Journée de cours universitaire sur des sujets de mathématiques

            Giornata ri corsi universitari per studenti delle scuole superiori su argomenti di matematica

            • Masterclass in Logic: From syllogisms to computers (with Prof. Michele Abrusci)
            • Masterclass in Geometria: Plane symmetry groups (with Prof. Andrea Bruno)
            • Masterclass en Logique: Des syllogismes à l'ordinateur (avec Prof. Michele Abrusci)
            • Masterclass en Geometrie: Groupes des symétrie du plan (avec Prof. Andrea Bruno)
            • Masterclass in Logica: Dai sillogismi al computer (con il Prof. Michele Abrusci)
            • Masterclass in Geometria: Gruppi di simmetria del piano (con il Prof. Andrea Bruno)

          During my staying as lecturer at LMNO (Université de Caen Normandie) I partecipate to the project of mathematics popularization Labosaïque. This project proposes workshops to a wide rage of students form elementary school to high school. To do so, the project has produced some didactival tools such as mirror chambers and tassellation blocks which help to explain basic notion on plane and space symmetry groups.

          Pendant mon ATER au LMNO (Université de Caen Normandie), j'ai participé aux activités du projet de vulgarisation des mathématiques Labosaïque. Ce projet propose des ateliers pour les étudiants des écoles primaire, collèges et lycées. Dans les atelier proposees par le projet, il est expliqué la notion de groupes de symétrie du plane et de l'espace grâce à des outils didactic produits par le projet (chambres à miroirs et des blocs de tassellation).

          Durante il mio contratto di insegnamento presso il laboratorio LMNO (Université de Caen Normandie) ho partecipato al progetto di diffusione scientifica Labosaïque. Il progetto propone interventi di divulgazione della matematica agli studenti delle scuole elementari, medie e superiori grazie a del materiale pedagogico di supporto prodotto dal progetto. Il progetto popone diversi laboratori duranti i quali vengono illustrate delle nozioni di base sui gruppi di simmetria del piano e dello spazio, grazie a camere a specchi e modelli concreti di tassellazioni.

          • De la simplicité des preuves: le 24e problème de Hilbert (World Logic Day 2021, Montpellier)
          • Pourquoi les Grecs ne pouvaient-ils pas calculer π ? (Pi-Day 2018, Marseille)